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Is Tesla S3XY?

Why should you invest in shares?

Read now in my blog.


Our future investment 

My support for your financial future.

Our support for people in need.


Here you can get an interactive view into the world of investment.


Here I present the Wikifolio platform, my sample depots and investment strategies.

I’m happy if you also register with Wikifolio.


I present you charities that I support.


My vision is to help private investors in building up assets while supporting charity.

About me


I'm Fabian, 26 years old and I'm studying International Management in Hamburg. For some time now, I have been intensively involved with the topic of investing in shares and have always had ideas to use my passion and the knowledge I have acquired to creatively start my own project.

At INVESTPOCKET I let you participate in my ideas and strategies through an interactive blog and linked wikifolios. At the same time, I would like to support charitable causes with this project.




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