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What does that mean?

Equity investment is essentially about investing capital in a company that you believe will grow in value in the future, so that the money invested will increase and generate a return.

However, for me, the term "investing" has not only something to do with investing money, but is applicable to several areas of everyday life


At Investpocket, in addition to the topic of investing in shares, it is also about generating donations

But what does that have to do with "investing"?

Investpocket's donations are about financially supporting people that can' t help themselves and helping them to have a better future.

Through the aid organizations, the collected money ("capital") is therefore used ("invested") to improve the situation for the people concerned.

This improved outcome could be compared to the return on a stock investment.

Although it cannot be measured exactly, the sustainable success of a humanitarian project is certainly worth more than any return on shares.

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