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Wikifolio with wikifolios

The model portfolios on the Wikifolio platform are called "wikifolios".

My wikifolios

Before you start

Before you can take a closer look at my wikifolios, a free registration on the platform is required.
Most of my wikifolios are in 
German, but I created this one especially for the English speakers.

How does it work?

I choose equities and their performance is reflected in the wikifolio.


In this wikifolio I regularly identify the best large companies in the world.

From 64 stock corporations with a high market capitalization (at least 10 billion euros), 40 values ​​are selected and weighted using their own calculation method. The exact procedure can be found in the description of the trade idea at Wikifolio.

Gefilterte Top-Favoriten

In this wikifolio you will find mostly the best companies from "Internationale Favoriten".

But this filtered sample depot is limited to 40 values, since I put on a smaller spread.

This has the advantage that very successful companies have a greater impact on the overall performance.

Internationale Favoriten

In this wikifolio with broad diversification are my favorite companies of which I am convinced that they will perform very well in the long run.

Current courses only play a minor role.

Due to the wide dispersion, you can benefit from positive developments of many companies at the same time and are less affected by negative developments in individual areas.

Deutsche Zukunft 2030


In this wikifolio I try to predict the best German companies in 2030.

Articles will appear regularly on my blog explaining to you why the companies in this wikifolio will be so successful in the future.


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