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supporting charity combined with increasing wealth.


Supporting Charity

50% of all proceeds generated by INVESTPOCKET are donated to a charity.

This includes my proceeds from blog subscriptions, my advertising partnership with Wikifolio and the participation in certified wikifolios.

In addition, I encourage to donate additionally through my own donation pages from selected organisations. 

The Connection

Charity & Prosperity

Perhaps you are wondering why I would like to link investment with donations. 

This connection does not exist so far and is admittedly not particularly obvious. 

How exactly I came up with this idea, I honestly don’t know myself... 

However, I can explain to you why I did not discard it afterwards:

I do not think that the two issues are mutually exclusive. On the contrary, I am convinced that it makes good sense to use part of one’s personal profits for non-profit purposes.

A healthy society depends on wealthy people supporting fellow human beings who have been less fortunate and less successful.

Our tax system also obliges us to provide this aid, but I think that the voluntary sector of donations is at least as important.

The decision to commit to a charity is characterized by a lot of freedom.

Donors enjoy more individuality and effectiveness in their support compared to taxes.

I personally would like to generate donations through my involvement in this project.

This means that I not only profit financially by my efforts, but also share something to non-profit.

I donate 50% of the proceeds from the blog subscriptions, my advertising partnership with Wikifolio (€5 per registration) and the potential wikifolios winnings.

 So to me, this means:

 The more successful my project becomes, the more donations will be generated. 

This creates a great motivation for me to invest a lot of energy, time and passion in INVESTPOCKET.

Increasing Wealth

INVESTPOCKET is intended to help you on different levels in the field of equity investment.

Part of this is my blog, where you will find new content on a regular basis.

Through the articles I try to make the “world of stocks” more comprehensible to you.

Furthermore I would like to give interested people a deeper insight into individual companies and share my views on them.

Another function of the blog is to be able to explain my decisions to those who are interested in my wikifolios and to build a good foundation of trust.

Find out more about the social trading platform in the Wikifolio section.

Since I am convinced that the issue of equity investment should be treated seriously, but at the same time not be paved with boring articles, I try to strike a good balance between seriousness and entertainment.

A stock investment is a very useful way to build up long-term assets. 

Through my blog and the wikifolios I try  to support you on this topic or at least create a motivation for you to deal with it.

But that definitely doesn’t mean I expect you guys to plunge headlong into the stock market.

Even if I could understand this enthusiasm, it is quite enough to deal with the subject without haste.


I would also like to clearly set myself apart from other reputable “traders”, who partly promise you paradise, if you only invest (or squander) your money fast enough.

Although there are opportunities in the stock market to make a lot of profit in a short period of time, I would strongly advise against such speculations.


I am convinced that with long-term investment, it is possible to achieve a much safer and at the same time also profitable way of investing.


Just have a look at the Q&A or contact me if you have any questions.

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