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Wikifolio is a social trading platform where users share their investment strategies and allow others to invest in this collection of assets.

 The big advantage of this is that even people who are not (or not yet) in the investment profession can share their knowledge and ideas with others.  At the same time, however, in contrast to financial advice in the circle of acquaintances, much more anonymity is maintained.

 If we knew each other and you were to invest in my wikifolios at some point, I wouldn’t even have to know about it and still would have helped you. 

Personally, I would like to provide an interactive opportunity to question and

understand my decisions.

For this purpose, there is my blog, in which I present individual companies from my wikifolios and make current assessments of the financial market.

The blog's comment function gives you the opportunity to ask questions or exchange personal views.


Here I present the wikifolios, which you can find on my account

 In order to gain access to it, a registration is first necessary. This is completely for free and you don't need to fear any extra costs.

 Since I participate in an affiliate program of Wikifolio, a commission of five euros is generated for every new registration, of which I donate 2,50€.

 But regardless of that, I highly recommend registering to look around on the platform and look at the different investment strategies, for example. Maybe you even would like to try creating wikifolios by yourself.

About me

I am 25 years old and study International Management in Hamburg.

A few years ago, I started trading with sample depots and trading games. In this time I gained a lot of experience about the stock market.

My passion and interest for this topic has risen constantly which had the effect that I read a great quantity of news and analyst expectations.

I would be happy to use my knowledge and passion for the topic of investment to support you through my Wikifolios and my tips in the blog to build up your assets in longterm.

How does Wikifolio work?

Anleger Erklärung

I hope that the following is understandable.

As an investor, you have the opportunity to invest in the wikifolios in the form of a certificate.

The certificate shows the compilation of the values of each wikifolio. This means that you can invest in many companies at the same time for little money.

A Tesla share, for example, currently costs almost 600 euros and you can still share in the profit through the certificate, even though you only invest a good 100 euros in total.

The imputed rates that you get displayed at the wikifolios show the value of a certificate and at the same time the minimum amount that you have to invest.

For my wikifolio "International Favorites", it is currently € 104.90.

To purchase a certificate you need a deposit, which you can open for free at direct banks, for example.

You can find more information and an example at Wikifolio under "Tutorials for investors". I find that it is clearly explained there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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