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Here you can get an insight into the latest developments at Investpocket.

What is my plan for the next few weeks?


  • Increase reach through:

    • Promotions (discounts, vouchers, etc...)

    • Help from all visitors who have already found this website to be good and make others aware of it.

      • Very important!

  • Making the wikifolios known:

    • I expect 3-4 of my wikifolios to be issued by the end of June, so from then on all interested investors will have the opportunity to invest in my investment strategies. Of course, only a small percentage of the people I reach are actually interested in buying a certificate on the stock market for money. 

    • That is why it is necessary that as many people as possible first learn about the wikifolios. Otherwise there will be no chance to convince people of the quality and promising development of these portfolios.

    • So here, too, I am dependent on your support. You can help me by talking about Investpocket with friends and acquaintances who you think might be interested.

      • Of course, I don't expect you to actively promote it. The advertising is more my job. But only through my efforts it will be very difficult to make the project really successful and to increase the reach sufficiently. Therefore, it would be very important that you - if you have a positive impression of the whole action here - also share it with others in some form.

        • The more successful the project becomes, the larger the sums of money will be donated to the charitable causes that Investpocket is supposed to support. 

          • If you could contribute to this, I would be very grateful!

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