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Covestro in 2030

The year is 2030: It is now about 10 years since Covestro entered into a partnership with Google. This partnership and faster access to quantum computing technology has enabled the company to quickly test and develop highly complex methods in the chemical industry.

Covestro thus had a significant advantage over its competitors and is also very well positioned for the coming years in the field of computer-based development.

The company's chief executive commented on the issue yesterday:

"Covestro has always been involved in new promising areas for some time now and has made great efforts to basically demonstrate a high level of innovative strength. The fact that this has more than paid off in the field of quantum computing is the result of our consistent strategy and work in the past."

Covestro has also played a role in electromobility, but many people may not even be aware of it:

Around an electric motor, special parts are needed made of materials that, among other things, are dimensionally stable, must not warp much and cannot rust. Above all, it must be ensured that safety is guaranteed even in the event of an accident.

The materials required for this were

produced by the material manufacturer

and they have been installed in many cars.

3D printing is known to have been a common production method for years. Covestro started early to research materials in its laboratories that are suitable for 3D printing technology due to their resistance and simultaneous flexibility.

The great advantage of this technology is that new products and designs can easily be tested, as they are printed out "on the fly".

A toy house for the kids can of course be made at home with the 3D printer from time to time, if you have the right materials for it... 😉

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